wendy mckinneyLiving in South Florida most of her life Wendy is deeply influenced by her tropical surroundings. Her travels to the Caribbean, Central & South America inspired playfulness to her style and helped to inspire the elements that she incorporates into her paintings.  Whether it is a fun pair of cabanas, bright colored sailboats, swimming turtles or patterned swimsuits hanging on a line, Wendy has created a style all her own.

Wendy sees art in everything and has a unique way of infusing vibrant colors with her whimsical style.  It is her style and color palette that gives her art its own unique look and is a major part of its appeal.  Her art work transports the viewer to a magical relaxing place where she captures and magnifies every day beauty in her art.

Beach going, shelling and snorkeling are a few of her favorite hobbies. Wendy lives with her husband and two children in Naples, Florida where you will find her painting most every day creating new images that will inspire and enchant those who love her work.